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4 ways to use a fresh headshot and boost business

The thing about headshots is that thanks to the age of social media, there is never a wrong time to update your virtual introduction, the profile image. These days, your profile image is a person's first interaction with you. A quality headshot speaks clearly about who you are and appeals to the client you serve. Scroll down for four ways you can use your updated images to breathe fresh life into your business.

  1. First, the obvious, use your new headshot to update your social media account's profile images. If you haven't updated yours since you first built your LinkedIn profile five years ago, it is time! Updating your profile image will also increase your traffic as most platforms inform other followers when an update like this is completed.

  2. Direct mail - send a postcard or brochure with your new look to family and former clients. Let everyone know what you are up to and how they can work with you. Social media has certainly created new and unique marketing opportunities but flyers and brochures are a brilliant way to share your work with folks who just aren't on social media. Yes, there is a whole world outside of Instagram!

  3. You've wanted to dive in on email marketing but didn't know how to start, here's your answer! Start your first campaign with an introduction using your new headshot. Using services like Wix and Mail Chimp to send out helpful email campaigns allows you to remain in your clients' minds without wasting any time or money on physical mail outs. Most clients don't buy your services on their first interaction with you so email campaigns means you can keep selling without feeling salesy.

  4. Fourth and final, the good old business card. Keeping business cards handy makes networking simple, quick, and easy. Why not update your business card to include your headshot? You've never been more ready!

Business headshots can make your business more money! If you'd like to schedule a headshot session check out the details by clicking here. Cheers to booming business!


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