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Top 3 reasons you can't miss Mardi Gras minis

We are New Orleanians. We take King Cake very seriously and we know better than to pick beads up off of the ground. Fridays during the season are reserved for wearing our cutest new purple, green, and gold accessory. Nothing can keep us from the loud, crowded parade route, Popeyes in hand. This Mardi Gras mini set captures the spirit we love about the holiday, perfect to hang in your home, and here are the top 3 reasons you can't miss this!

1. This set is a custom design by a local mom and artist. The design is totally unique to us and goes perfectly with your little's Mardi Gras outfit.

2. These sessions are quick, perfect for even the wiggliest toddler. Each session is 15 minutes and includes 8 edited digital images, yours forever.

3. Now the feeling of Mardi Gras can linger in your home. These images are perfect for updating that gallery wall or sending out Mardi Gras cards in place of those Christmas cards that never made it out the door.

Don't wait! Book your spot now and get 10% off of your session using the code FandF.

xoxo -



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